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Cypher Transactions provide personal transcription services to all types of organisations, businesses and academic institutions. They create editable documents from audio/video files from a variety of sources and events, typically; recordings of live meetings, Zoom/Team meetings, focus groups, online seminars and presentations and individual student conducted research interviews.

Their team is comprised of experienced, skilled transcribers who will work to your individual requirements and an agreed deadline while adhering to the highest ethical and security standards.

Importantly, all transcriptions are done by hand, no speech recognition or automated transcription software is used as it is simply not accurate enough to meet the standards required by their clients. It has been found that automated speech to text software can struggle, typically achieving at most 85% accuracy.

Cypher accept .mp3, .mp4 or wav formats and transcriptions will be returned to the client as Word documents or as .pdf files. All files and the resulting transcriptions will be held securely off-line on external hard-drives for as long as required by the client.

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