Tooling Intelligence

Tooling Intelligence provides innovative inventory management solutions to organisations and industries across the United Kingdom and Europe.

They provide a comprehensive range of point-of-use vending solutions that allow your company to maximise efficiency and return on investment within your supply chain. As channel managers of the market leading SupplyPro, they can build and configure a system that matches your business requirements whether that’s as a stand alone product or a fully integrated dispensing solution.

Cutting-edge products

Tooling Intelligence have a broad range of products in their portfolio. Whether you are looking for a mobile inventory management solution for your on-the-go teams or a heavy-duty dispensing unit with complete visibility, you’ll find something to suit your requirements with them.

Personalised service

Tooling Intelligence are an independent business, which means they always provide a high-quality, personalised service to their clients.

From the very start of your project, they work closely with you to find the right inventory management solution for your application. Their products are customisable too, which means they can help you design and create the ideal technology that meets your exact requirements.

Access ongoing support

Tooling Intelligence know that the journey doesn’t end once the installation is complete. They pride themselves on their level of service, making sure you receive the support you need throughout the process. Whether you want to expand your existing inventory management solution or need technical help, Tooling Intelligence’s service team are always on hand to assist you.




Tel: 01926 484 511